Speier Philippines Resolution passes House

WASHINGTON – On Wednesday, the House of Representatives passed House Resolution 800, authored by Congresswoman Jackie Speier (San Francisco/San Mateo County), expressing its deepest sympathies for residents of the Philippines in the aftermath of recent natural disasters.

“The historical and cultural links between the Philippines and the United States run deeper than any flood waters.” Congresswoman Speier said in her speech on the House floor.  “I urge my colleagues to support House Resolution 800 to show our friends, the good people of the Philippines, that – as they stood with us in World War II – the American people stand with them at this, their time of greatest need.”

Speier introduced the resolution after two monster storms hit the Philippine archipelago in close succession, killing more than 600 people and forcing millions from their homes. “House Resolution 800 recognizes the hardship caused by Tropical Storm Ketsana and Typhoon Parma and salutes the resilience and strength of the Filipino people,” Speier said. “My resolution also urges the United States government to continue providing emergency relief, logistical support and financial assistance and to work with Philippine officials and non-governmental organizations to improve disaster preparedness programs to mitigate the heartbreak, havoc and loss of life that could be caused by future storms.”

The Resolution passed by unanimous consent, with both Democrats and Republicans speaking in support.

A list of aid organizations helping those affected by the tragedies in the Philippines and American Samoa, as well as a video of Rep. Speier’s floor speech this afternoon, can be found at:  www.speier.house.gov.


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