USAID Responds to KAYA Members’ Letters

USAID Philippines Desk Officer Robert Hanchett has responded to our members’ letters and issued a fact sheet on the efforts of USAID thus far.  The fact US Aid – Ketsana fact sheet is attached.

Also, Mr. Hanchett’s reply to those who wrote letters is below.

From: Hanchett, Robert (ASIA/EAA)
Sent: Thu, Oct 1, 2009 12:22 pm
Subject: FW: tropical storm Ketsana rescue and relief


I trust all is well with you.

Thank you for your interest and concern for the people in the Philippines.  I can assure you USAID shares your concern.  The U.S. Government is assisting the Philippines with rescue and relief operations.  I have attached for your information the first Fact Sheet.

On the final page you will see a web site where you can obtain information about the relief efforts in the future.  Please share this information with any other interested individuals or organizations. Once again, thank you for your concern – it is greatly appreciated.

All the best,


Robert W. Hanchett
Desk Officer for the Philippines


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