KAYA Discount to River, River by Merlinda Bobis

Take advantage of a special discount to River, River by Melinda Bobis.

KAYA members will pay only $12 for tickets (normally $14-20) when they enter the discount code, “KAYA” at https://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/79728


River, River by Merlinda Bobis
8pm, Fri Nov 13
6pm, Sun Nov 15

Admission: $16-20 @ the door, $14 Advance, $ 12 Student/Senior
Tickets: www.brownpapertickets.com/event/79728

Award-Winning Filipina-Australian writer and performance artist Merlinda Bobis performs her latest dramatic work, “River, River”, based on her 1994 acclaimed short story, “Fish-Hair Woman,” a story of magical realism, terror, and sadness, as part of her 2009 world tour.

Estrella Capili, the Fish-Hair Woman, uses her twelve-meter hair to pull corpses from the river in Iraya, a militarized village in the Philippines. The river has become the dumping ground of victims of summary executions. Each time a body is thrown into the river, the water changes flavour: from river sweetness to brine, then later, to lemon grass. Is this myth? A trick of memory? An attempt of the village to story itself out of grief? Estrella remembers a night with no moon but lit by fireflies. She is taken by the soldiers to the river to retrieve a body from the water.

Award-winning writer/performer Merlinda Bobis grew up in Albay, Philippines at the foot of an active volcano, which figures prominently in her writing and performance. Her plays have been produced on stage and radio in Australia, the Philippines, France, China, Thailand and the Slovak Republic. She has received numerous awards including the Philippines’ National Balagtas Award, the Steele Rudd Australian Short Story Award, the Prix Italia, the Australian Writers’ Guild Award (AWGIE), the Pamana Philippine Presidential Award, among others. For ten years she taught Literature and English at Philippine universities before coming to Australia in 1991 on a study grant. She completed a Doctorate of Creative Arts at the University of Wollongong where she now teaches creative writing. She lives in Wollongong, which echoes her first home: a city nestled between the mountain and the Pacific.

The Solemn Lantern Maker
by Merlinda Bobis
(Bantam Delta US, 2009)
Book Launch, Reading & Signing

3pm, Sat NOV 14
Co-Sponsors: Arkipelago Books, Philippine American Writers and Artists (PAWA)
Moderators: Lucy Burns, PhD. (UCLA) and Dr. Joi Barrios (UP Diliman)

Ten-year old Noland, a mute lantern maker, imagines an angel falling from the sky. But it is only an American tourist caught in a drive-by shooting. Manila, where the magical and the seedy collide: shimmering lanterns and poverty, Christmas carols and prostitution, dreams of friendship and the global war on terror. This raw and hard-hitting tale is delicately spare in its prose, with room for silences.


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