FWN Documents Filipina American Women in Governance

The Filipina Women’s Network (FWN) is taking the lead in documenting our community’s most visible Filipina leaders in the public and private sectors and compiling the info in a directory of “Filipina American Women in Governance”.

We also ask that you please forward this call to your e-List of friends and colleagues. We thank you in advance!

If you or if you know anyone who you think should be included in the directory, we invite you and her to participate in the survey.

  • Filipinas elected to any public office (ELECTED),
  • Filipinas appointed to any governmental position in a commission or agency including the military (APPOINTED), and
  • Filipinas who have achieved the highest ranking executive or board position level at a U.S. Fortune 1000 corporation, large nonprofit, government agency including the military (CEO/Senior Executive).

If you or anyone you know need to be included, please submit your info by: March 31, 2010.

Online submissions only, please.

Our Filipina Women Electeds, Appointeds & Corporate Leaders in the U.S. will gather at the 7th Annual Filipina Leadership Summit (October) and collectively will have the opportunity to influence the lives of the next generation of Filipina leaders!

Questions? Please contact us by email filipina@ffwn.org.

Please submit by: March 31, 2010

Online submissions only, please. Click to submit …


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