Foreign Language Volunteers Needed! – National Language Service Corps (NLSC)

The National Language Service Corps, welcomes individuals with expertise
in English and additional languages. We are currently seeking individuals
who speak Tagalog, Lao, Khmer, or Vietnamese.

The NLSC offers individuals with language expertise the opportunity to
help their neighbors and fellow citizens by participating in national and
state efforts, particularly in times of emergency or crisis when their
expertise can truly make a difference. This opportunity serves a greater
good, a human good … and the NLSC is working to honor and amplify that

Membership in the NLSC is not intrusive on your current employment, it is
free to join and participate, we provide compensation to Members for their
services when called to action for an assignment.

Please consider joining the National Language Service Corps and sharing
our mission with others who have the same spirit of volunteerism. Feel
free to explore our website at , call us at
1-888-SAY-NLSC with questions, or go ahead and apply. Find out how much
good you could do with a language and service organization like the NLSC.

Required Skills:
If you are 18 years of age, a United States citizen, highly skilled in a
foreign language and English, and have a desire to use that language in
the service of others, you are eligible to become a NLSC member!


One response to “Foreign Language Volunteers Needed! – National Language Service Corps (NLSC)

  1. I would like to know if I can possibly (if qualified) get some work hours with the use of my english and tagalog proficiency with your organization. How would one qualify for this job?

    Mr. Honorio Rivera, jr

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