ACTION: Is the GOP Socially Cooler than Us?

Estimates show GOP congressional members advancing in social media. Don’t let them use America’s most popular social networks to take us back to the policies that failed!

House Democrats are fighting back with the Online Member All-Star Competition – a challenge to see which Member can sign-up the most friends and followers by the end of the week.

Asian Americans are among the most Internet savvy people in the country — nearly 90 percent of us go online. That’s more than 11 million of us! Let’s show Washington our online strength and sociability by propelling our leader on Capitol Hill – Rep. Mike Honda — to victory!

Rep. Honda is in the top 5, within striking distance of winning. The current rankings are below, but there are only a few days left and Rep. Honda’s only 400 fans behind first place! Please add Rep. Honda to your social networks NOW and tell 5 friends to do the same!

To add Rep. Honda to your social networks, please visit the following 3 sites:

FACEBOOK: “Like” Rep. Honda at

TWITTER: “Follow” Rep. Honda at

YOUTUBE: “Subscribe” to Rep. Honda at


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