Joe Montano Becomes Northeast Political Director for DNC

Joe Montano just a got a new job description: Northeast Political Director for DNC. Congrats to Joe!

Jose “Joe” Montano, Jr. currently serves as the Northeast Political Director for the DNC. Joe has spent the last 5 years working in Virginia on the two most recent gubernatorial campaigns and for the state party as a member of the DNC State Partnership Program. In 2008 his primary role with the Campaign for Change revolved around constituency outreach, especially among the diverse Asian American communities in Northern Virginia. He was the Asian American Outreach Director for the 2005 Coordinated Campaign in Virginia and a DNC AAPI Field Director in Nevada during the 2004 campaign.

Joe’s commitment to increasing civic participation and community empowerment is firmly rooted in the civil rights work and immigrant advocacy he conducted as a national organizer and non-profit executive with both the Filipino Civil Rights Advocates and the National Federation of Filipino American Associations. He has worked in coalition with AAPI and other civil rights organizations on many issues including comprehensive immigration reform, racial profiling, public health and benefits for Filipino WW II veterans. He originally hails from Norfolk, VA and is a graduate of The George Washington University.


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