Hydra Mendoza and Phil Ting on “Ask an Expert on Education and San Francisco Schools

KAYA endorsed candidates, Phil Ting for San Francisco Assessor and Hydra Mendoza for San Francisco School Board will be taking and answering questions as a part of Reset San Francisco, who polled that education policy is one of the city’s most important issues.

Next Thursday, October 28 at 4pm, ask leading education expert and School Boardmember Hydra Mendoza during our third Ask an Expert live webcast. Hydra was Mayor Gavin Newsom’s Policy Advisor on Education.

You can submit your question online right now.

We agree that investing in our local schools is the best way to ensure that our children receive the education they need to prepare them for what lies ahead – and the best way to invest in the future of San Francisco’s economy.

You can join us online right now. Read what other San Franciscans have been saying about education at ResetSanFrancisco.org/Education.  And please RSVP to our Ask an Expert online conversation and send us your question today.

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